Event Scrutineering

Scrutineering will be held at Willare Bridge Roadhouse on Friday 24th August 2018.  Bikes can be scrutineered on the morning of the race if prior arrangements have been made with Willare Enduro Officials.

Please see conditions of entry for bike and rider protection minimum requirements. Camelpaks are mandatory by the Willare Enduro Committee.

Any rider that’s bike or gear fails scrutineering may have there gear or bike re-scrutineered on race morning no later than 7AM. If a riders bike or riding gear fails scrutineering and has not been re-scrutineered by 7AM on race day they will be disqualified from the event. All Willare Enduro officials reserve the right to reject any bike or riding gear if they deem it to be unsafe.

  • Scrutineering Check List- Scrutineering Checklist
  • Scrutineering : Juniors 10 am -11am, Seniors 4:30pm to 6:30om Friday 24th August
  • Place : Willare Bridge Roadhouse Campgrounds


  • Clear and visible black numbers on a white background
  • Numbers are to be displayed on the front and side number plates
  • The top ten finishers from last year will run the number of the place that they finished.
  • All other competitors can run any number they like as indicated on there nomination form at time of registration for the event.
  • All numbers are to black on a white background and clearly visible.


  • Refueling will be conducted in the designated pit area only at the start finish line.
  • All engines must be turned of prior to refueling.
  • Riders must provide their own fuel.
  • Fuel must be stored in approved plastic fuel containers in good condition
  • There is a walking pace policy through the pit area whether you are stopping to refuel or starting your next lap.
  • Time penalties will apply.


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