Winners are grinners

The 2014 Willare Enduro has been run and won. 

Congratulations to all.

Class 1- 251cc and above 2 stroke

1st   Damien Slate

2nd Shane McCrum

3rd James Hagen

Class 2 451cc and above 4 stroke

1st Alex Michell

2nd Nigel Lawrence

3rd Michael Tekell

Class 4 Up to 250cc 4 stroke

1st Dallas Clarke

2nd Joel Isa Sweetman

3rd Bec McGregor

Class 5 251cc to 450cc 4 stroke

1st Coby Willis

2nd Tom O’Connell

3rd Jake Watling

Class 6 Over 40 years

1st Rob McGregor

2nd Rob Mandelt

3rd Glen Scott

Class 7-Pony

1st Jaxan Ashelford and Damien Rhoades

2nd Kevin and Craig O’Bryan

Class 8 Quads

1st Lee Tattam

2nd Troy Gibson

Holdfast Hot Lap- Tom O’Connell 34:27

Peckys are you tough enough award- Dallas Clarke

Top 10

1st Coby Willis

2nd Tom O’Connell

3rd Jake Watling

4th Alex Michell

5th Michael Kennedy

6th Steve Quinn

7th Cam Shultz

8th Michael McKellar

9th Rob McGregor

10th Nigel Lawrence

Lap times:

Scoresheet 2014


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