2015 Race has been run and won

The 2015 Willare Enduro has been run and won..

Congratulations to all the competitors, pit crews, volunteers and everyone who made this years a successful event.

A massive shout out to Jack and Vicki Burton, Kim and Dave and the Roadhouse Staff and the St Johns Ambulance crews who done an amazing job over the weekend.

Top 10

10-Cam Murray

9- Nigel Lawrence

8- Rob McGregor

7- Stephen Mitchell

6-Cam Shultz

5- Scott Childs

4-Shane Cole

3- Cody Upton

2- Luke Clay

1- Jake Watling


Peckys tough enough award- Jono Ellis after a run in with a barb wire fence and its debatable on who won, Jono continued racing and finished the race in 18th outright.

Holdfast Hot Lap- Jake Watling with a 37 mins and 10 second lap.

Class Winners

Class 1 – 2 stroke class

1st Jono Ellis 5 Laps

Class 2 – 451cc and above 4 stroke

1st- Jake Watling  7 Laps

2nd- Luke Clay 7 Laps

3rd- Nigel Lawrence- 6 Laps

Class 3- up to 250cc 4 stroke

1st Dallas Clark 6 Laps

2nd Kevin O’Bryan 5 Laps

3rd- Rebecca Mc Gregor 4 Laps

Class 4 251cc up to 450cc 4 stroke

1st- Cody Upton 7 Laps

2nd- Shane Cole 7 Laps

3rd- Scott Childs 6 Laps

Class 5- 35 to 45 years

1st- Cam Shultz 6 Laps

2nd- Stephen Mitchell 6 Laps

3rd-Cam Murray 6 Laps

Class 6- 46 years and over

1st- Rob Mc Gregor

Class 7- Pony Express

1st- Jackson Smith and Glen Scott 6 Laps

2nd Jaxan Ashelford and Craig O’Bryan 5 Laps

Class 8- Quads

1st Josh Schatz


Wishing Whitey and Damo speedy recoveries after crashes and was great to see Ryno back at the bar after his nasty get off.


Here is the scorecard for the race. 2015 FINAL SCORESHEET

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