2011 Willare 4hr Enduro – General Information

2011 Willare 4hr Enduro – General Information


The following post includes important information regarding:

  • Camping
  • Spectator Viewing
  • Scrutineering
  • Race Start Order
  • Race Day Sign On
  • Riders Briefing
  • Race Start
  • Pre-Running
  • Pits
  • During Race Breakdown/Accidents
  • Race Presentations
  • Your responsibility as a competitor



On arrival at Willare Roadhouse it is a must that you see one of the Willare Roadhouse staff and notify them that you are attending for the Enduro and pay the appropriate camping fees for non-competitors.

Once again Jack Burton from Yeeda Station has kindly let us use his land and facilities to run the event. Without his support there would be no event! Please keep in mind that there may be campers at Willare who are not involved in the event, have fun but be responsible and look out for each other. UNSOCIAL BEHAVIOUR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Willare Roadhouse will be providing a bbq dinner on both Saturday and Sunday nights at reasonable cost. Come along and have a few drinks and support the Willare Roadhouse. In keeping with Willare Roadhouse Liquor Licence, drinks are to be purchased from Willare Roadhouse and consumed in the designated area.

Camping for competitors is FREE.

Please use only the campground area provided at Willare Roadhouse or the public camp ground area on the Broome side of the river. Police with be patrolling the area also.



The best area for spectator viewing is at the Yeeda Creek crossing near Yeeda Homestead. Please be aware that there are crocodiles in the Willare area. Directions to this area will be given out at scrutineering with your riders pack. The track to this area will also be sign posted.



Proof of ambulance cover and expiry date must be brought to scrutineering for viewing by officials at registration.
Scrutineering –
Starts:  9.30am till 12:00pm
When: Saturday the 10th September
Where:  Motorcycle and Small Engine World



The top 10 finishes from 2010 will start in there respective order and the remainder of the field starting order has been drawn randomly. You will be given a sticker with your start and finish times at scrutineering.  The scrutineers will affix the sticker to your front number plate on completion of your bike being scrutineered.



Riders sign on is 7am sharp on 11 September in the courtyard area.



Riders briefing will commence at 7.30am sharp in the courtyard area.



The race will start at 8:30am sharp whether you are ready or not with no exceptions!
Please begin lining up in your start order at 8:10am



Any competitor found pre-running the track will not be competing in the event. Motorbikes are not to be ridden in the campground or on the highway at anytime. No exceptions.



There in no speed limit in the pits this year, however, you need to be aware of other riders and pit crews in the pit area.



It is every riders responsibility to look out for each other on the track. If you come across an injured rider and need to stay with them for any length of time until help arrives please let the time keepers know at the completion of that lap, the time you spent with the injured rider and their number. You will be credited for that time.
If you breakdown please stay with your bike until the sweep rider comes around to pick you up.
There will be a helicopter in operation during the race, if possible please make it obvious if you require assistance from the helicopter. Do not sit or stay near water if you breakdown as crocodiles are present in the Willare area even away from the main Fitzroy River.
If you withdraw from the race for any reason, it is of utmost importance that you let one of the race officials know ASAP.



The race presentations and drinks will be held in the Willare Roadhouse courtyard area starting at 4:30pm following completion of the race. There will also be some fun give-aways and laughs to be had. The top ten riders from this years event will be presented with their numbers and next years event.



Please remember that motorcycle racing in dangerous it is everyones responsibility to look out for each other and it is your responsibility to withdraw from the race if you do not feel safe or have concerns at any time prior to or during the race.

Look forward to seeing you there for a great day of racing.


Simon Boyde and Doug Miller

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